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Pressure Transducers fall mainly into the following sensor types;

1, Semiconductor

2, Foil

3, Ceramic

Each type has its own particular optimum application dependent on the specific requirements.

The main measurements are absolute, gauge and differential.

Unlike Load Cells the measurement can be made when in contact to the main fluid or remotely via a suitable tube.

Acam Instrumentation offer Pressure Transducers using Ceramic, Foil and Semiconductor technology. They are available with customer defined pressure and electrical connections. Temperature ranges up to 200 deg C are available to special order. Very high stability with time, and 'repeatabilty' have been achieved by continuous development. Temperature compensation down to 0.003% deg C can be achieved over temperature bands larger than 150 deg C. Amplified transducers are available with voltage and current output as required. We have a commitment to quality, state of the art technology and personal service.

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