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Load Cells

Load cells and Transducers must be designed around a particular application. They need to be an inline member of the mechanical system.

In other words they need to withstand the forces directly and maintain stability and rigidity of the system. This requires many different types, sizes and shapes of load cells using Foil, Semiconductor and ceramic sensing elements.

Acam Instrumentation are experts in designing and specifying these units.

Acam Instrumentation offer Load Cells using Semiconductor, Foil and Ceramic technology. Load cells are available with customer defined mechanical interface and electrical connections. We can produce Shear Beam, Double Bending Beam, Bobbin and Cantilever Beam load cells. Temperature ranges up to 200 deg C are available to special order. Very high repeatability, stability and low temperature coefficients are available. Options include amplified versions with both voltage and current. Foil is used for simplicity. Semiconductor is used to give the highest output. Ceramic is used in specialised applications. We are committed to quality, performance using state of the art technology and personal service. Acam was formed over twenty years ago to produce any quantity from one off specialist designs to large quantity production.

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